Infrequent IT(sec) commentary from Anant

By Anant Shrivastava

This infrequent newsletter contains my commentary around IT (sec) topics

This infrequent newsletter contains my commentary around IT (sec) topics

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Infrequent IT(sec) commentary from Anant #7

There was a lot going on at office and public work that I have been doing so will try to summarize all of that


Infrequent commentary on IT(sec) by Anant #6

Here we are with another edition of my infrequent commentary on IT (sec) topics. Do share/forward this newsletter to your friends, or post on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp.Before we get started a reminder, I am mentoring with SEEK and all the funds received wil…


Security Vulnerabilities, MS Exchange, CVE's, Bugs, Codevigilant and more

It seems 2021 is running on steroid with new bugs and vulnerabilities, Things just won't stop. I made a diagram of all things got vulnerable since 1st January 2021 till now.


Weekly Reading's from Anant: Week #4

This week has been one of those weeks where you put your head down and prepare for the next few months. I am so excited about the next few weeks as we prepare to put the results out in public. As with all of my other projects, this again will be an open sourc…


Weekly Reading's from Anant - Feb Week 2

Software supply chain attacks have been a talk of the town since start of 2021. Starting from SolarWinds attacks (refer here and here) and the topics have just not stopped being in limelight. Software Supply chain attacks are basically targeting entities whic…


Weekly Reading's from Anant - Week 1 Feb

Last week i wrote an extensive coverage of sudo bug "Baron Samedit" however this week i will try a different style and will try to cover various stuff I encountered in last 1 week rather then going for a deep dive into one subject.This week has been a mix bag…


Weekly newsletter of Anant Shrivastava - Issue #1

This is my first time writing a news letter so i will keep it brief, hoping to continue this going forward every week. This time around I am focusing on one major area sudo bug discovered by Qualys named "Baron Samedit".